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I’m very excited to show you this fresh new software that will launch soon. This will definitely change the way you create your avatars!

If you are a marketer and are marketing your own products, you would know how hard it is to design, develop and deploy them.

It takes a lot of hours, tons of money and much energy that some of you are not even able to do it!

Plus, it is important to have a quality, professional looking avatar to represent the product that you’re already marketing or planning to market.

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The thing about creating avatars is, there are lots of things that need to be taken into consideration.

Not to mention the PROBLEMS:

– Hiring someone to design the avatars for you (they rarely agree to design several avatars for a single price)

– The hours that needs to be invested into creating your own avatar creation software (more time of you’re not skilled + MORE MONEY NEEDED)

– Times change. This also means design styles also shift to meet the current trends.

These are the things you DO NOT want to do if you’re just starting out or do not wish to expend huge amounts of money, time and energy.

Which is why I am more excited to share with you the wonders of Avatar Genie Pro!

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This web based app minimizes the effort needed to create an effective and professional looking avatar that works well with any product or service that you wish to pair with.

Plus, this amazing app lets you design cool avatars in just MINUTES!

No Design Skills.

No Advanced Design/Editing Software Required.

Just a few minutes and some creativity.

I can go on and on about its coolness but it’s best you see for yourself.

By the way, this app is launching on the 3rd of June so you can go online and book your place for the preview here:

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One more thing, this stellar app is available for a HUGE preliminary discount.

So if you act fast, these beautiful, customizable and effective avatar creator is yours for a mind blowingly low price!